Our Story

“It’s easier to build strong children than to repair broken men!”
Frederick Douglass


Here at Knocked Up, Now What?®, we have a dream for teen moms to become successful entrepreneurs

A dream to help scared teen moms grow and prosper into successful and financially savvy adult moms. 
Because we believe that no matter what cards you’re dealt—you can always change your hand.

Unfortunately, however, many teen moms don’t see it this way. You're stuck in your own downward spiral of hopelessness and lack of resources—including education.

Yet, education is key to everything.

The key to being able to provide.
The key to being able to thrive.
The key to being able to positively contribute to the economy.
And the key to feel like they’re worth something.

Here at Knocked Up, Now What?®, we’re providing a safe place for teen moms to go and get the support they need, to live the life they choose–and get back to their dreams. Through a variety of entrepreneurial training programs, we’re paving a new path for teen moms, and helping you see that your life isn't over—it's just getting started.

And those dreams of becoming a happy and successful millionaire?

Are still more than fair game!



Tiphani Montgomery’s Knocked Up, Now What?® is a non-profit organization that teaches teen moms between the ages of 13-19 how to live up to their highest potential and achieve massive success through entrepreneurial training programs.


Knocked Up, Now What?® has a vision that every teen mom will live to their highest human potential and be healthy mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially.


About the Founder

When Tiphani got knocked up at the age of 17, her dreams of the future were bigger than ever and she was certain that she was going to rule the world.

Until everyone around her told her that she couldn’t.

Tiphani Montgomery of Knocked Up, Now What?®, founder

Flash forward a few years and she’s now a successful entrepreneur and a 7 times Essence Magazine best-selling author…including the #1 spot. She’s also the CEO of TIPHANIMONTGOMERY.com, a personal and entrepreneurial development firm that provides online training programs and live events for people who want to achieve massive success through entrepreneurship.

She’s living proof that you don’t need stellar grades, Ivy League degrees, a magazine perfect home life, or anyone else’s approval in order to create the wealth, joy, and freedom you WANT.

She’s definitely living her purpose, and that’s the very essence of success!

Board of Directors


Tressa Smallwood
CEO and Publisher, Life Changing Books, Inc.

Cheyenne McDougald
Restaurateur, Community Volunteer

Tonya Ridley
Entrepreneur, Community Volunteer

Andrea Powell
Founder and Executive Director of FAIR GIRLS

Tamika Mallory
Former Executive Director of National Action Network, Civil Rights Activist, CEO of Mallory Consulting, LLC

dream hampton
Award Winning Film Maker, Writer, and Social Justice Organizer


Advisory Council


Reshma Saujani
Founder and CEO of Girls Who Code

Michael Skolnik
Activist, Political Director to Russell Simmons, President of GlobalGrind.com

Angela Rye, Esq.
Founder and Director of IMPACT Strategies, Executive Director to Congressional Black Caucus